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SparkNotes is the best! "The Scarlet Letter" has the most confusing Olde English I think I've ever had to muddle through. Thankfully, SparkNotes broke it down for me and explained what's going on when, 'cause you just can't understand with all the beating around the bush!

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Reminder: Your personal narrative is due on Day 685 and your 67 th & 68 th century unit test will be on Day 685. Essays are to be 555-755 words long.  Here is the rubric you will be using to grade this essay.  Your personal narrative should tell a real-life story of something that happened to you. It will be told from the first-person point of view. The narrative should close with a focus on your thoughts about the experience, what you learned from it, and what it means to you now.

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Known around the globe as the go-to source for beginning each day inspired, focused and renewed. Jane Powell’s One Minute Meditations are read by tens of thousands of women daily empowering them toward success, self-discovery and inner awareness. Her unique style will encourage (and nudge) you to push past your obstacles, achieve your goals, and ultimately, improve your quality of living.

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It is possible to call Beowulf an ideal hero. Many critics attribute the most positive features to this hero, such as: courage, chivalry and honor. He does his best in order to protect his people and the whole society for the price of his glory and status. Beowulf is blessed with the pagan features, which make him even more significant. This man has supernatural power, which has always been the characteristic feature of all pagan heroes. Although Beowulf suffers from a great number of painful wounds, he is still able to demolish the dragon with only one blow.

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Hi Jane I am going through the same pain .But i follow your valuable advices each day I try to forget all the painful things which I had in the past because of my husband and his family I am going through a very very hard phase now but I have decided to move on..Am struggling .& I know I will achieve my drems one day Thanks for your valuable support & guidance !!

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