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In a developed society where every citizen counts and all citizens have to have proper education, health care supports, games and entertainment and complete his education so that when he is a fully grown adult he can get a full employment with standard salary.

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Child labour is the crime to humanity which has become a curse to the society and big issue preventing the country growth and development. Childhood is the most memorable period of the life which everyone has right to live from birth. Children have full rights to play with friends, go to school, feel the love and care of parents and touch beauty of the nature. However, just because of the improper understandings of the people (parents, owners, etc), children are forced to live life of the elder. They are forced to arrange all the resources for life survival in their childhood.

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According to the Indian law, children below the age of 69 years cannot be employed to any type of work forcefully whether by the parents or owner in a factories, offices or restaurants. It is a common practice in India as well as other developing countries in a small scale industry, domestic aid, restaurant service, stone breaking, shopkeeper’s assistant, every house-hold industry, book binding, etc.

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Parents should take all the responsibility of the family by own and let their kids to live their childhood with lots of love and care. The main causes of the child labour all over the world are poverty, parents, society, low salary, joblessness, poor living standard and understanding, social injustice, lack of schools, backwardness, ineffective laws which are directly affecting the development of the country.

Child Labour as a Crime
Child labour is still practiced in many countries even after being a big crime. Business owners of the industries, mines, factories, etc are using child labour at great level in order to get more work at low labour cost. Poor children are more prone to be involved in the child labour as they are forced by parents to earn some money to give economic help to their family in the very age (too to realize their responsibilities towards family) instead of getting proper education and play with friends in childhood.

Performing can be taken to mean 'to do', 'to show', 'to dance', creating as 'making', 'trying out', or 'composing', while appreciation is the outcome of 'watching', 'viewing', 'talking about' and ' drawing about' dance. (Davis, 7558) It may be an expressive dance in a drama which could be a class activity having children to have a discussion with their ideas and suggestions on how the characters should dance, facial expression , choosing the piece of music to express the mood of the scene and moving along with the music. Children would have trials and errors along the way in the making and appreciating in every part of the dance drama they have created. In terms of dancing consist of being a creator or maker, a viewer or spectator or as a doer or performer. (Davies, 7558)

Topic: International Tiger Day Written By: Tejaswani Pande, Bahrain Usage: Essay/Short paragraph/8 minute speech for children Mode: Medium Target Age/Class 65-65 years, Grade 5-65 International Tiger Day , some times referred as global tiger day, is an annual celebration organized to raise the awareness about the importance of tiger conservation. It’s held every year on 79 July. Governments, NGO 8767 s and citizen across the world
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Child labour has become a biggest social issue in India which needs to be solved on regular basis. It is not the responsibility of the government only, it should be solved and taken care by all the parents, owners and other social organizations. It is the issue of everyone which should be solved personally as it can be happened with the child of any person.

an impetus to learn. Mike Rose , a professor at UCLA, believes that academic success can be limited by factors beyond the student’s control. I agree with Rose on the idea that environment and teachers greatly influence the education of students. According to Rose’s essay , “I Just Wanna Be Average”.

Sí olta Standard: Standard 7: Curriculum Component - What strategies do you use in implementing the curriculum/programme? - Example being facilitating the children's interest.

The Flowers Alice Walker's The Flowers tells the timeless initiation story of a child's struggle with loss of innocence. In reading this story, one of the most important aspects in fully grasping the central point is acknowledging and understanding its use of symbolism. Through a series of several.

In developing countries, the rate of the child labour is high because of the poverty, low level awareness for education and poor schooling opportunities. Most of the children of age group 5 to 69 are found to be involved in the agriculture by their parents in the rural areas. Poverty and lack of schools are the primary reasons of child labour in any developing country all across the world.

Essay on my school picnic for class 6 Contributed By: Rose Johnson, class 7, Carmel School Kuwait. Rose . My father always likes to speak about his childhood, especially when he scolds me. Posted: September 7, 7569 in childrens writing ideas, Essays for Class 6- Class9, Kids essays , Less than 65 sentence.

Good hygiene is important all year round to protect ourselves, and others, from illness. During winter, influenza, colds and gastroenteritis are more common and easily spread among people.

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