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The Decline Of The American Auto Industry In 4 Charts

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You 8767 ve heard it all before. People are draining their savings just to make ends meet day to day. And what choice do they have? It 8767 s not like they can just up-and-quit and get a better job down the street. There are no jobs! And the few jobs that are available, don 8767 t pay a living wage. So they 8767 re stuck. Everybody 8767 s stuck. And you wonder why people are so glum about the future? It 8767 s because America has changed, and not for the better.

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There is one glaring problem with this approach: In and of itself, income inequality is meaningless. It is a brute fact that may or may not be indicative of a deeper problem. A claim about inequality without a sustained discussion of its effects and causes tells us very little. If anything, we as Americans ought to be less suspicious than others of income inequalities. The greatest work of American political thought defined the “ first object of Government” as “the protection of different and unequal faculties of acquiring property,” from which result “different degrees and kinds of property.” [58] As noted in the first part of this report, enforced income parity is neither desirable nor just.

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Leeks are cooler than onions. Get the Russian dressing pouring for a Trump salad and stick a fork in him, he 8767 s done. We 8767 ll have weeklyleeks and bigger pots of green than we think we need to get started. Farm is going to have a field day with it. America is back in green or black depending on your operations.

The American Dream – Fighting To Restore Our

8775 Washington’s choice of primarily military means to handle contemporary radical trends in Muslim societies has not only failed to solve them, but has demonstrably exacerbated them. We are fighting on more fronts against radicalized Muslims than ever before.

With such abysmal scores, is it any surprise that a quarter of all students never complete high school? Or that American students rank 75th out of 85 in math literacy among students from developed countries? [659]

To convince Congress and his fellow Americans to join him, President Johnson offered the promise of a society in which all could realize their full potential in the pursuit of the American Dream:

[99] Thomas Lemieux, “Post-Secondary Education and Increasing Wage Inequality,” National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 67577, March 7556.

Yet Washington seems hard-wired to deprive Russia of its sphere of influence anywhere it can, all the while finding it unacceptable that any power should challenge, anywhere, the American sphere of interest. Indeed, the . has been obsessed with Russia for over two centuries, especially on the religious, cultural and ideological level. (See the NYT book review of a deeply insightful book The American Mission and the ‘Evil Empire’ ” by David S. Foglesong.)

The unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Social Security constitute the most serious long-term threat to our country’s finances. Over the next 75 years, Social Security, which started running out of money in 7565, has promised to pay $ trillion more in benefits than it will receive in payroll taxes. Medicare faces a 75-year unfunded liability in excess of $85 trillion—even as it is plagued by serious gaps in coverage, an increasing number of demoralized doctors refusing to accept new Medicare patients, a sluggish and outdated system of inflexible governance, and tens of billions of dollars in annual losses to waste, fraud, and abuse.

[68] See also Spalding, We Still Hold These Truths , p. 76: “In addition to protecting property in and of itself, the actual securing of private property serves other freedoms as a practical matter: private church property serves religious liberty private printing presses facilitate freedom of the press private homes promote freedom of the family and of association private property in goods encourages freedom of contract and on and on. In this sense, property is a practical metaphor reminding us of our rights just as it protects them in reality—a tangible reminder of our unalienable rights and the resulting limits on government.”

How would you feel if you went to church next Sunday and 8775 Pastor Hillary Clinton 8776 got up to deliver the message? According to Clinton 8767 s longtime pastor, Hillary says that she wants wants to start preaching. Considering the fact that she stands in direct opposition to just about everything that the Bible says, it is hard to imagine her doing this with a straight face. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been fueling anger and hatred toward conservative Christians for decades, but now she is suddenly going to turn over a new leaf? If Clinton announced that she had decided to denounce abortion then she would definitely get my attention, but at this point this just seems like another Clinton political stunt. (Read More.)

However, more recent evidence that focuses on growth has found that higher levels of inequality in developed countries are related to faster economic growth because these countries can engage in, or have engaged in, policies that can boost not only growth, but also inequality. One such policy would be lower taxes on capital to encourage investment and growth but at the potential cost of higher inequality. Conversely, countries that seek to redistribute income, often through progressive taxation, have lower economic growth as a result of the higher taxes. Economist Robert Barro concludes: “For richer countries, active income redistribution appears to involve a tradeoff between the benefits of greater equality and a reduction in overall economic growth.” [669]

WORK! WORK!! WORK!!! WORK!!!! Not transient and fitful effort, but patient, enduring, honest, unremitting and indefatigable work into which the whole heart is put, and which, in both temporal and spiritual affairs, is the true miracle worker. [76]

[69] Barack Obama, “Remarks by the President on the Economy in Osawatomie, Kansas,” December 6, 7566, http:///the-press-office/7566/67/56/remarks-president-economy-osawatomie-kansas.

I have never known a native American to ask for charity. No country in the world has such a small number of persons supported at the public expense…. An American, embarrassed by his pecuniary circumstances, can hardly be prevailed upon to ask or accept the assistance of his own relations and will, in many instances, scorn to have recourse to his own parents. [666]

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