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7. Using brain imaging, researchers have discovered that dyslexic readers use the ______________ side(s) of their brains, while non-dyslexic readers use the ______________ side(s) of their brains.

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7. c: Right and left left. Researchers have discovered through brain imaging that a dyslexic reader uses both sides of the brain. Non-dyslexic readers use only the left side.

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A. Identify and use metaphors.
B. Identify and use similes.
C. Identify and use groups of letters that occur in a word family.
D. Identify and use figures of speech.

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Below is a list of MTEL test preparation courses offered by Massachusetts colleges and universities. This list is provided solely as a resource. The list does not include all available test preparation courses and inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of its quality or effectiveness in preparing candidates to pass the MTEL. Please contact institutions directly for current schedules and prices.

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