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So, your first example is based on antiquated gender roles that equate women with children, not as people with agency, but as things to be protected. It 8767 s a benevolent sexism that literally almost every single feminist is vehemently against, because equality doesn 8767 t mean special treatment.

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No publishing heart? Tell everything you know below to us. Edit with changes. Please be as detailed as you are able to inside your explanation. Do state: Add fats with some nutritional value to the foods you currently eat. It might be the way you communicate, but it is a formal article. Ultimately initially. Have somebody review your article.

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So in conclusion, I don 8767 t ask for any feminist to do my work in fighting for safer workplaces but I do ask that they don 8767 t actively undermine my attempts to do so.

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But I can still thank you for bringing Jaycee 8767 s and, especially, Marie 8767 s stories to my attention. Nearly as many years ago as my attempt with Nabokov, I wrote an investigative piece on date for the campus newspaper. This would have been the mid-85s, and before the tide as it were.

Character identification, in other words, is even worse than a reader who likes a book that takes place in, say, Hamburg because the reader spent six months in Hamburg ( 8775 if they 8767 ve just walked from the train station to the Thalia, they must have been speaking really slowly 8776 ).

Why should feminists be tasked with workplace safety violations? Now you 8767 re really reaching. Feminism is about gender equality. If you want to lobby for workplace safety, you can do that too. It 8767 s a different thing. A feminist might also be a labour rights advocate. A union leader might well also be a feminist. Why exactly do you think a person who advocates for, say, an end to sexual assault and discrimination owes it to you to also be a union leader before you will take their concerns seriously? You sound ridiculous.

Individuals are priviledged or harmed in myriad of individual instances. If it is so that a totality such as a 8775 patriarchal system 8776 could harm or priviledge anyone, it would still priviledge and harm individuals in individual situations. It could priviledge man6 in situation s6 and harm him in situation s7, while priviledging a woman6 in situation s8 and harming her in situation s9.

Feel free to disagree with me, but keep in mind women call men 8775 pigs 8776 all the time, so there 8767 s more than one way to hurt a man just as there is more than one way to hurt a woman. That sounds scary, but you get my point.

But when you reply 8775 no 8776 to the question nr. 7, you are excluding me from the discussion, you deny me my voice. After that, it is not a discussion anymore, but a monologue.

You know, if you 8767 re fat, you deserve to be called out on it. The vast majority of overweight people got that way by living indulgently. There 8767 s medical science backing this up. Also, the only reason that fat men are the ones calling out fat women is because too many of the latter subscribe to the doctrine that 8766 only fat people are allowed to call others fat 8767 . Also, a 8766 beer belly 8767 is a distended liver, which is not the same as being obese, although it is similarly caused by self-destructive behavior.

Note that this is not any particular man 8767 s fault. But it does demonstrate why a conversation that focuses on women to the exclusion of men is not the same as the other way around because there are and have always been A LOT of focus on men. An overwhelming amount.

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