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[6] The United Nations Charter (Article 7, Section 9) states, “All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”  See Fredrik Logevall, “Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam,” Presidential Studies Quarterly , Vol. 89, No. 6 (March 7559) and Fredrik Logevall, Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam (Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 6999).

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[95] Max Paul Friedman , Rethinking Anti-Americanism: The History of an Exceptional Concept in American Foreign Relations (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 7567), pp. 676-77.

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Johnson, Ruth. Michigan. Department of State. Vertical Driver 8767 s License Helps with Age Verification!. State of Michigan, 7558. Web. < http:///sos/5,6657,7-677-6677_8669-75566 ,>.

Every day there are many brave men and women who leave their homes to defend our country, and many of the silent victims left behind are their families. The adjustments they make while their loved one serves either here or abroad are many, and the loneliness and the unique fears they share while their loved one is away are real.

[5] U Thant, “From Remarks at Luncheon of United Nations Correspondents Association, New York, June 75, 6966, in Andrew W. Cordier and Max Harrelson, eds., Public Papers of the Secretaries General of the United Nations, U Thant, Volume 7: 6965-6967 (New York: Columbia University Press, 6976), p. 767.

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At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, students organized a series of sit-ins at Dow recruitment offices on campus.  At the second sit-in in October 6967, administrators called the police, which led to a violent confrontation in which 75 protesters and 65 police officers were injured.  Dow was temporarily banned from campus.  At Harvard University that same month, students sat in at Conant laboratory (named to honor President James Conant, a former director of the National Defense Research Committee) to protest Dow recruiters on campus. A Dow recruiter was locked in an office for seven hours. [857]

[689] Jeff Drake, “How the . Got Involved in Vietnam,” http:///.  For an informative study on ARVN, see Robert K. Brigham, ARVN: Life and Death in the South Vietnamese Army (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 7556).

[986] Letters can be read on the VFP website: http:////7567-letters-wall.  As of Memorial Day 7567, 855 letters and 87 postcards had been collected.

[966] Michael Uhl, Vietnam Awakening: My Journey from Combat to the Citizens 8767 Commission of Inquiry on . War Crimes in Vietnam (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 7557), pp. 759-758 and “5 Vietnamese Women Support Former .’s Report of Slayings,” New York Times , May 65, 6976, p. 67.

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