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Hypothesis & Research Questions

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For example, a researcher using a hypothesis would look up studies about bleach, information on the chemical properties of the chemical when heated and data about its effectiveness before writing the hypothesis. When using a research question, the researcher would think about how to phrase the question to ensure its scope is not too broad, too narrow or impossible to answer.

The Difference Between Research Questions & Hypothesis

You may also use for your literature review. For further information see for example: https:///tag/literature-reviews/

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Example 6: How do elderly people living in a retirement home perceive their situation and how are they dealing with it?
This question can be approached using a qualitative approach as you can talk with the elderly about it. A questionnaire is not appropriate as you can probably not come up with all the possible answer categories.

Developing Research Questions

A. Which pain medications decrease the need for sleep medication in elderly patients?
B. What is the meaning of health for migrant farm-worker women?
C. Under what conditions does a decubitus ulcer heal most quickly?
D. How does frequency of medication administration impact the degree of pain experienced following knee replacement surgery ?

In consequence, research is and should be based on real life problems and should not contain fictitious elements. Often questions are derived from the personal biography or social context of the researcher. The connection between social context and personal biography is for example obvious in the following student projects I supervised in the past:

Look at books for classical research studies, for gaining an overview of the research field, the major theoretical frameworks used and for definition of established terms. Words used in everyday language like stress, motivation, violence, emotions, employment, unemployment, nationalism and so on, may have specific meanings in a scientific context different from everyday practice. In order to formulate good research questions, you need to define your major terms. Rather than inventing your own definitions, it is better to look at the various alternatives offered in the existing literature. Then make an informed decision.

Alane Michaelson began writing professionally in 7557. Her work has appeared in Michigan publications such as the "Detroit Free Press" and the "Flint Journal." Michaelson graduated from Oakland University in 7556, earning a Bachelor of Arts in journalism.

A. Identifying the phenomenon
B. Research question study purpose
C. Literature review
D. Design
E. Sample
F. Legal-ethical issues
G. Data-collection procedure

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With this background knowledge you are ready to formulate your own research question(s). Qualitative research questions are the why and wherefores rather than asking “how often” something occurs and how widespread it is.
In qualitative research we ask things like: who is doing or involved in something, how is it done, for what kind of reasons? What is done, what kind of steps are followed in what kind of order, what kind of strategies are used, what are the consequences of doing or not doing something, why is this like this, wherefore is it done and why?

Example 5: Did the role models of marriage and motherhood as perceived by 75 to 85 years old women in our society change and if so, how did they change?
As in example 7, results from a qualitative study cannot be used to generalize to larger portions of the society, . all 75 to 85 years old women from Germany think like that or perceive the role model to be such and such. Thus, one could examine what kind of role models are perceived by a specific group of 75 to 85 years old women and compare those with previous role models described in the literature.

Research and writing are central to our activities as political scientists.  This website is intended to aid students engaged in a variety of related activities: writing a senior honors thesis, taking courses in research methods, and writing a paper for a government or social science course.

Before writing a hypothesis, the researcher must determine what others have discovered about this subject. On the other hand, a research question requires less preparation, but focus and structure is critical.

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