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COLOSSAL YOUTH is the final film in Pedro Costa&rsquo s loose &ldquo Fountainhas trilogy,&rdquo for which he worked with and documented the inhabitants of a since-demolished slum on the outskirts of Lisbon. Like much of his work, it&rsquo s wandering and contradictory. Costa takes cues from Straub/Huillet and political cinema, but also makes grand gestures towards the later John Ford pictures, Jacques Tourneur, and the transcendental stylistics of Ozu and Dreyer. COLOSSAL YOUTH is a perfect example of the type of cinema only possible with digital video &ndash the film&rsquo s actor, Ventura, dictated much of the film&rsquo s form, Costa worked with an on-set crew of only two or three people, and the shooting ratio was allegedly nearly 755:6. &ndash Tyler Maxin

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After an amazing run which included The Killer , Hard Boiled , and the Better Tomorrow titles, Hong Kong action master John Woo brought his talents to the USA and was immediately thrust into this starring vehicle for ancillary action hunk Jean-Claude Van Damme. The story centered on a rich eccentric (Lance Henriksen) who hunts the homeless in New Orleans. Our lead is the lug who discovers the truth and plans to stop it or die trying. Run of the mill narrative wise, it featured enough of Woo 8767 s directorial magic to prove his moviemaking mantle.

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WHY IT WON 8767 T MAKE THE LIST : As the first, and very nearly the only, movie to mix hardcore XXX action with dream logic, Nightdreams is a unique beast. As a curiosity piece it 8767 s something to add to your bucket list, but once the novelty of surrealist porn wears off, Nightdreams is not really a great movie and it 8767 s worse erotica.

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WHY IT WON’T MAKE THE LIST : On paper, Caligula sounds like a sure bet. There are many bad movies that get honored here, and we even have a tag called “ so bad it 8767 s weird .” Caligula could theoretically qualify for the List of the Weirdest Movies Ever Made by that standard. Except that “bad” doesn’t describe Caligula so much as stupid. Nothing more need be said about this movie but “stupid.” Rocks are too smart to watch Caligula.

PLOT : Caligula becomes the Emperor of Rome and lots of depravity happens any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is entirely accidental.

The IMDB credits 8775 . Pope 8776   as Nightdreams 8766 director, and lists this as an alias for TV and music video director Francis Delia (who has no other porn connections). However, IMDB also lists 8775 . Pope 8776 as one of Sayadian 8767 s pseudonyms I had always assumed Sayadian was the director because of the style, and also because he indisputably directed the sequel Nightdreams 7.

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PLOT :  Three short stories exploring three perverted generations, beginning with an extremely horny soldier in the private service of a lieutenant.  His illegitimate child grows up to become a sport eater on the Hungarian national squad.  The grandchild is a socially inept taxidermist who cares for his grumpy, obese father and his caged cats.