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Whilst there is scant record of the contents of the lost 6986 lecture, Roudinesco discovers that Fransoise Dolto 8767 s notes from the Marianbad conference show that SPP members did not exactly follow what Lacan was getting at and asked him to give a clearer definition of his terms:

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Steve Martin (back in the days when he was funny) plays a lawyer who finds himself sharing his body with the soul of a deceased millionairess (Lily Tomlin), whose likeness he sees whenever he looks into a mirror (just as Scott Bakula would always see the "real" face of whichever body he was occupying that week in the TV show Quantum Leap). The result is a lot of funny bickering and some hilarious physical comedy from Martin as the two different personalities battle for control of the same body, though Tomlin matches him so expertly it's a shame we only get to see her reflection.


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Whilst this does not necessarily show that his audience were unreceptive to the talk their questions may be an indication of the extent to which they were intrigued and engaged by it Roudinesco, rather kindly, sees these difficulties in understanding as a consequence of Lacan 8767 s attempt to introduce the philosophical concept of the subject into psychoanalysis.

Catherine Breillat's provocative film split audiences down the middle with its chic Parisienne's quest for erotic fulfilment, though it's possible she might have found it a lot earlier if she'd gone easy on the gloomy soliloquising. Needless to say, all the men I know who saw this found this slice of explicit arty erotica quite boring, though the women were rather taken with the scene in the corridor with the mirror. Enough said.

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Mirror Game follows University Professor Jay Verma. Stuck in a crumbling marriage and a failing career, Jay seeks a way out of his troubles. Ronnie, an ambitious student, approaches Professor Verma asking for help with a thesis. Verma sees this opportunity and in return for his help, makes Ronnie an offer that he hopes will solve all his problems. Ronnie accepts but soon things start to spiral out of control and Professor Verma begins to question his own sanity.

Lacan 8767 s 6999 paper in the Ecrits carries the title 8766 The Mirror Stage as formative of the function of the I as revealed in psychoanalytic experience 8767 . Fink has justifiably decided to translate Lacan 8767 s literal 8766 the  I function 8767 in the French title of Lacan 8767 s paper as 8766 the function of the  I 8766 , the original French being  La fonction du Je ( Ecrits , 778). But this raises an interesting question: why does Lacan not just refer to the  moi , the French term for ego? Why in the title does he refer instead the I function, Je ?

Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin, playing two sets of identical twins, perform a variation on the classic Marx brothers mirror routine in a hotel bathroom. The main difference being, of course, that Midler and her "reflection" are being played by the same actress, making it less a triumph of timing and choreography, and more a trick of special effects and stand-ins.

"With these mirrors it's difficult to tell. You are aiming at me, aren't you? I'm aiming at you, lover." Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth were already on the verge of divorce when he made her cut and bleach her trademark red hair to play the femme fatale in this convoluted film noir in which Orson himself plays an itinerant sailor with an absurd Irish accent. It's a familiar tale with Welles x7568 studio interference leading to a film deemed by some to be less than the sum of its parts. But what parts! Chief among them is the demented final showdown set in a funfair hall of mirrors.

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