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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 02:04

wow i have been striving to get that 8775 perfect 8776 from u batman..yayee 😀 thanks a lot for ur review 😀 and yeah i agree with both ur points..will take care in future 🙂

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That point is subject to the main intent of the act, which is very much 8775 pay for work 8776
Recently on the tenth anniversary of the Act, there were views doing round everywhere that when MNREGA has not fetched enough in terms of the durable assets and all, why not make it a 8775 FREE CASH 8776 scheme as no worthwhile assets are produced anyways.

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This simple story shows how lending help (donating blood and instilling inspiration) to someone is better than giving a dole (money). The idea is to become an “active” helper to create a chain of inspiration to millions. This essay would touch upon different aspects of being a lending hand and giving a dole (money, food, clothing, etc. ) to someone.

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More stress should be given to historical context because of which the very phrase 8766 Dalit Empowerment 8767 emanates. Systematic denial of education played a major role in making Dalits untouchables and social pariah for hundreds of years.

In the political arena, states are eager to proclaim being backward so that they may claim the ‘special category status’ and avail Centre’s grants and benefits. And to ensure gaining such freebies on a continual basis, they have no incentive to develop themselves and come out of the special category status. Such a culture culminates in continuing regional disparity where the gulf between developed and backward states in increasing. The social sector development of these states also suffers and they fare invariably low in different social indicators like education and health.

My summer holidays had begun. I was loitering around at home all day. In the evening, my mother called me in the kitchen. It was the first time I was entering here since I was back home. Upon enquiring, my mother said that she wanted me to prepare dinner tonight. I was shocked. My mother had never insisted me to cook. What had come to her all of a sudden? I asked her what was she punishing me for! My mother replied “I can feed you today. But I want to teach you to cook your own food so that you are able to feed yourself your entire life.” Thus I learnt to cook a dish and a life lesson.

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The common factors which affect the quality of education of any HES are teachers, examination pattern and syllabus, regulation/autonomy,skill training, R& D output, academia-industry linkage, political intervention in technical matters and migration across streams and nations.

I think you gave a huge note on what is capability difference which is gud and derives the basic of how dole is not better,but i feel you should have included few govt schemes and any partciularly helped empowerment and some examples over it would have been better.
regarding your note about mnrega etc should have been a bit elaborated..Liked ur flow but a bit elaboration with inclusions would have made u the best

The Gandhian model for village administration was given a constitutional force. The 78rd and 79th Amendment Act introduced three tier panchayati raj at the village level and urban local govt at urban level respectively. This ushered in a new political equation and gave greater autonomy to the village level. Also one-third seats were reserved for women in these elections leading to empowerment of women.

Anyway, it is a good essay. Please take 85-95 minutes to brainstorm and chart out a plan. Organize your thought well, give a flow, let each paragraph contain an idea.

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