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Excel IF statement that operates if a cell CONTAINS a

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is there any significant between the demographic profile of the respondents and communication apprehension
what would be my dependent and independent variable?
my topic is about influences of communication apprehension to rad tech students

Hypothesis - definition of hypothesis by The Free Dictionary

Luke is claiming that affirming the consequent is a fallacious deductive argument. What you are discussing would not, I think, be in an Introduction to Logic series (or maybe not a logic series at all, at that point).

Conditional clauses and statements: Essential English

"The atmosphere and culture of Goldsmiths was perfect for developing my interests in collaboration and diversification, and an aim that the visual arts practice methodology of my research would contribute to broadening the knowledge base of UK art psychotherapy. I am now an independent Art Psychotherapist and my work includes lecturing, research, supervision, private practice, and consultancy, including periodic work for the Health Professions Council as a Continuing Professional Development Assessor for the Arts Therapies."

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Hi sir. I really need you help. My research topic is about A Study About Factors Affecting The Readiness Of Teachers in their Personal Finance Management. How may i conduct conceptual frame work? I

In 5. we built a regular expression tagger that chooses a part-of-speech tag for a word by looking at the internal make-up of the word. However, this regular expression tagger had to be hand-crafted. Instead, we can train a classifier to work out which suffixes are most informative. Let's begin by finding out what the most common suffixes are:

Now that we've defined our feature extractor, we can use it to train a classifier to label new movie reviews ( ). To check how reliable the resulting classifier is, we compute its accuracy on the test set . And once again, we can use show_most_informative_features() to find out which features the classifier found to be most informative .

Dear Gel Paza.
The first step is to understand what variables is to identify which one affects the will enable you Identify the dependent and independent for example level of income and level of domestic the variables are level of INCOME and Level of an increase in level of income results in to an increase in expenses,then level of expenses depends on level of income and level of expenses will thus be Dependent of income will be the independent variable.

Hi sir, am doing a research on the following topic: observational study to assess the knowledge regarding airway suctioning among CCU nurses. What could be my conceptual framework?

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