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What we give to the poor
for Christ 8767 s sake
is what we carry with us
when we die.
As Jean Jacques Rousseau says:
8775 When man dies
he carries
in his clutched hands
only that
which he has given away. 8776

Easy Essays – by Peter Maurin

Freedom is a duty
more than a right.
Man has a duty
to be intelligent.
Man has a duty
to choose intelligently
between two alternatives.
Man has a duty
to act intelligently,
using pure means
to reach pure aims.
To use impure means
to reach pure aims
is to take the wrong road.
You cannot go
where you want to go
by taking a road
which does not lead you there.
Having pure aims
and using pure means
is making the right use
of freedom.

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What struck me first about him was that he was one of those people who talked you deaf, dumb and blind, who each time he saw you began his conversation just where he had left off at the previous meeting, and never stopped unless you begged for rest, and that was not for long. He was irrepressible and he was incapable of taking offense.

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When someone
has something
considered by the common man
to be beneficial
to the Common Good
he is admired
by the common man.
The admiration
of unselfish men
who are not afraid
to take the initiative
creates a desire
among the admirers
to climb on the bandwagon
of men of initiative.
They want to be part
of an unselfish movement.
They are willing
to make sacrifices
for the common cause.
So the will to co-operate
is the result
of the daring
of unselfish men
who are not afraid
to take the initiative.

Lenin said:
8775 The world cannot be
half industrial
and half agricultural. 8776
Lenin made the mistake
of industrializing Russia.
Lenin industrialized Russia
because the Japanese
industrialized Japan.
The Japanese industrialized Japan
because the Americans
industrialized America.
The Americans industrialized America
because the Germans
industrialized Germany.
The Germans industrialized Germany
because the English
industrialized England.
It started with England.

In a book entitled
The Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann has a character
who has become a Jesuit
after having been a Marxist.
As a Jesuit
he could understand Communism
much better
than he could understand it
as a Marxist.
In Paraguay
the Jesuits established
a Communist society.
Part of the land
was held individually.
The other part,
known as God 8767 s land,
was cultivated in common.
The produce was used
for the maintenance
of the aged,
the infirm
and the

Non-Catholics say
that Catholics
are led by the nose
by the clergy.
Real Catholics
follow their consciences.
I must admit
that some Catholics
are led by the nose.
These Catholics
who are led by the nose
are not led by the nose
by the clergy.
They are led by the nose
by non-Catholics.
These Catholics
who allow themselves
to be led by the nose
by non-Catholics
ought to be called
non-Catholic Catholics.

It was on May 6st, 6988 that Dorothy Day, accompanied by Joseph Bennett, first distributed The Catholic Worker in Union Square where 55,555 people gathered shoulder to shoulder to announce the coming revolution and denounce the economic system they blamed for a savage depression. Peter Maurin, the man who had stimulated Dorothy Day to start 8775 a paper for the man in the street, 8776 was not with her. His ideas were. Dorothy passed them out, along with her own vivid reporting of conditions, to the angry, the workless, the poor, to those who saw the Catholic Church as having nothing to say to their plight or to the social evils in which they were trapped.

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To be a good journalist
is to say something interesting
about interesting things
or interesting people.
The news is the occasion
for the journalist
to convey his thinking
to unthinking people.
Nothing can be done
without public opinion,
and the opinion
of thinking people
who know how
to transmit their thinking
to unthinking people.

Catholic Action No. 6,
or the teaching
of Christian Doctrine,
must be carried out
with the Bishop 8767 s supervision.
Catholic Action No. 7,
or the daily practice
of the Works of Mercy,
can be carried out
with or without
the Bishop 8767 s supervision.
Catholic Action No. 8,
or the reconstruction
of the social order,
through the foundation
of new Catholic institutions,
must be left
to the initiative
of Catholic men and women.
The function of the Bishops
is to be
not directors
but moderators.
Political action
is not to be considered
as Catholic Action.

Peter Maurin attended Mass daily, calling it 8775 the greatest act of love between God and His children. 8776 His prophetic task was to indicate the paths by which this love could be incarnated in daily living. In his 8775 easy essays, 8776 we find the hard sayings of the Gospel and ways to apply them to society. His message calls for changing society through transforming the 8775 old creature 8776 into the 8775 new creature 8776 of the Gospel. Unjust structures will never be replaced unless they are first replaced in the heart.

Bolshevist Socialists,
like bourgeois capitalists,
don 8767 t want their pie
in the sky
when they die.
They want their pie
here and now.
To get their pie
here and now,
Bolshevist Socialists
give us
better and bigger
class wars
for the sake
of capturing the control
of the means of production
and distribution.
But war is hell,
whether it is
a commercial war
or a class war.
So we get hell
here and now
because Bolshevist Socialists
don 8767 t want their pie
in the sky
when they die,
but want their pie
here and now.

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