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These derivations have been researched from a wide variety of sources, which are referenced at the end of this section. These reference sources contain thousands more cliches, expressions, origins and meanings.

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main drag - high street/main street - likely USA origins Cassell's slang dictionary suggests that drag, meaning street, is derived from the use of the word drag to describe the early stage coaches with four seats on top which used four horses to 'drag' them on the roads. From the late 6755s (a coach) and from mid 6855s (street).

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Write a short essay talking about your daily routine. You can simply write three paragraphs, one talking about your morning routine in Spanish, another about the activities you do in the afternoon and so on. If it is possible, share it with a native speaker and ask him about his as well. 

Some of this Latin terminology is very common in general speech and written communications other Latin terms are more rarely used, in specialized situations, notably for example in law, science, and education/academia.

So good to find this Kate, and thanks for going to the trouble of 8766 putting it out there 8767 . I 8767 m using it for my Parent 8767 s Meetings (I 8767 m a Montessori Preschool teacher) as we always end up talking about 8766 the language of encouragement 8767 as opposed to 8775 hollow 8776 praising. Like Ben, I think that tone is complimentary in our dialogue with children as well.
Love your use of a happy feel to it!!
cheers Anne

pay through the nose - reluctantly have to pay too much - from the 9th century house tax imposed on the Irish by the Danes, called the Nose Tax because anyone who avoided paying their ounce of gold had his nose slit.

takes the cake/biscuit/bun - surpasses all expectations, wins, or sarcastic reference to very poor performance - see 'cakewalk' and 'takes the cake'.

sackbut - trombone - similar expressions developed in French (saquebutte), Spanish (sacabuche) and Portuguese (saquebuxo), all based on the original Latin 'sacra buccina' meaning 'sacred trumpet'.

Prefabricated patterns set phrases and stock sentences for different occasions may sometimes be used , formed from two separate sentences I don't understand and how can you do that? the two sentences have been juxtaposed without deleting can.

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assassin - killer - the original Assassins were Carmathian warriers based in Mount Lebanon around the eleventh century they terrorised the middle eastern world for two hundred years, supposedly high on hashish most of the time, particularly prior to battle.

by jove - exclamation of surprise - Jove is a euphemism for God, being the Latin version of Zeus, Greek mythological King of the Gods. The expression seems first to have appeared in the 6555s (Cassells).

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