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My exploration did yield some results. I recognize that it was my parents’ privilege and now my own that there is such a thing as an American dream which is attainable even for a penniless Jewish immigrant.

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The funniest part isn 8767 t that some privileged douche is whining about being privileged, and then inserts a reminder IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH that white people rule the world.

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One of the issues I 8767 ve found with discussions around privilege and the concept of 8775 check your privilege 8776 is the word privilege is used to shut down a conversation or a certain perspective, as opposed to using the recognition of privilege as a starting point for a larger conversation. We all have privilege to some degree. The lesson should be how we learn to honor our privilege. Instead, when privilege is used as a pejorative, we focus our energy on either denying we have privilege or making excuses for it.

Elizabethtown then sets about illustrating by example just what a bona fide fiasco looks and feels like. The film was seemingly cursed from its inception. Ashton Kutcher and Jane Fonda were cast, then dropped out of the lead roles of a soulful superstar shoe designer-turned-suicidal pariah who travels to the South to bury his dead father and and his mother, an eccentric widow who devolves into a manic hysteria once her husband dies. Like Jerry Maguire , it's a morality play about a cocky man humanized by failure who becomes a success as a human being only after failing spectacularly in business. After a disastrous early screening at the Toronto Film Festival, the film was drastically shortened and its ending altered.

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You note that your grandparents were oppressed in Europe and were saved by America, but the grandparents of African Americans were oppressed IN AMERICA!

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