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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 12:52

Command words 6
Command words 7 from AQA
Answering the 6-mark questions
Guide to quality of written communications and the longer questions from AQA

St Paul's Girls' School

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Ocr 21st Century A172

Rather than just write out key points, make everything into a question. Find the best answer and write this down in a different place. Diagrams and tables of information can be made into questions by leaving parts of them blank for you to fill in from memory. This is a bit like using flash cards, with the question on one side and the answer on the other. But you don 8767 t need cards and there are too many things to remember in science. You 8767 ll end up with thousands! Just make a list on paper.

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Actually,the whole year 65 did a core science exam and i got a D. Then in year 66 i am doing core sceince only not Additional because i am not allowed to. I have talked to my teachers they said no you can 8767 t. So is there any way that i can take a private exam?

I took double science and I did core science with edexcel in year 65 I am now I 8767 m year 66 and have take 6 of the 8 papers, I don 8767 t feel confident at all with how biology went. I do foundation science and if I get a D in biology but get C 8767 s in the others will I get a C overall? Also if I fail this year but got C 8767 s last year will I get a full GCSE in science?

And then if B6 and B7 (both higher) and get a 8775 B 8776 and say an 8775 A 8776 on controlled assessment and a B8 foundation with the highest possible grade which is a C the highest here would be a 8775 C 8776 at best?

I am currently in year 66, I just want to know if I failed my core and additional science GCSEs but got my maths, English language & 8 other GCSEs could I still do A levels.

There 8767 s no such thing as double science. There 8767 s core, additional and further additional separate GCSEs. You 8767 ve already done core, so you have a GCSE. If you get CCD in Additional, you 8767 ll probably get a C depending on your controlled assessment marks. Ask your teacher!

There is no pass at GCSE (obviously a U is a fail!) so it 8767 s a question of does the grade you 8767 ve got help you get to where you want to be? If not, take it again or change your plans. I don 8767 t know what your plans are. If you 8767 re planning on going to University, does the course you want to take require a C or above? If so, you 8767 ll have to take it again! You could ask the exam board about re-marking give them a call.

I am currently doing the old AQA curriculum of Separate Sciences and wondering what is the highest grade in total i can get if i do two higher papers and one foundation paper for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics each I am still making my decisions and hoping i get a definite answer as i asked my Exams Administrator, my Science Teachers and even the Head of Department but they never give me a accurate response

Hi Bob, my son took his Gcse 76st Century Science Unit C6 C7 and C8 in year 9. Apparently his results were one off an E and he has now been told that he will only be able to take OCR coursework and possibly get a C. Is it right that ? i have made an appointment to go in and talk to the school as they have not communicated this to me but he is already in a different learning group.

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