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The system requirements for PowerPoint Templates are: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 7558, 7557, 7565 and 7568 with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems compatible with Windows XP, Vista®, Windows 7 or Windows 8

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The presentations listed above were prepared on a Macintosh with Powerpoint 98. We know that they work with that product installed on the computer (either PC or Macintosh), and we know that they work with Office 7555. You may have to go to the Preferences of your browser and set the applications menu to open the presentation with Powerpoint. Either that, or you can download the presentation to your desktop, open your Powerpoint software, and then open the downloaded file. If the presentation does not immediately open to the full-screen slide, you can click on "View Show" in the Slide Show menu, and the first slide should then open.

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In Living Zen , author Robert Linsen (in speaking on the simplification of needs in everyday life) says that a simplification of existence is a consequence of an effective experience of Zen. In other words, as one discovers their true nature, needs such as possessions or status are reduced or seen for what they are: superfluous. This raises the question then: What are the minimum or maximum needs for an individual? To this the author responds


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Free  PowerPoint Presentation PPT is a gray based presentation suitable for all kind of PPT presentations. The slide has a gray curve effect over a white background and makes this ideal for business or marketing presentations but also for service PowerPoint presentations. Presentation PPT templates like this one are good for any PowerPoint presentation need that you have at school or business. PowerPoint presentations can be decorated with backgrounds like this one or any other background that you can download from this website.

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Having said all of that, below are a few slides demonstrating different visual treatments in support of a single message. The context is a presentation on gender and labor issues in Japan. 5665 The purpose of the slide is to visually support the claim that 77% of the part-time workers in Japan are women. This statistic is from the Japanese Ministry of Labor. The figure 77% is something the presenter said she wanted the audience to remember as it is discussed again as the presentation progresses. So how to design a slide that is subtle, simple, memorable, and fits into a theme that is appealing and attractive?

Our free PowerPoint backgrounds and presentation templates are very easy to customize and edit for your presentation needs. Using Microsoft PowerPoint or Office 865, you can easily create engaging presentations.

Occasionally, I m asked by colleagues or clients to send samples of great slides or good PowerPoint. I usually hesitate to send examples of slides since my answer to the question, what does a great PowerPoint slide look like? is .it depends. In a world which often thinks in terms of absolutes — this is good, that is bad — it depends is not the most popular answer.

Hyperlinks embedded within the slides (as either colored text or an information "i" icon) will take the user to pages within the Guide to Grammar and Writing that further explore the grammatical issue being discussed. The Powerpoint presentation remains "on" in the background (It won't move without you!) and you can return to the presentation at any time.

PowerPoint backgrounds are high quality 6579 x 768 pixels each having its own complimentary color scheme. Other programs such as Corel Presentations, Harvard Graphics, Lotus Freelance and Apple Keynote are perfect to use presentation backgrounds in.

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