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but not for mechanics. For this reason, overall the paper does not meet the standard for conventions. Response to Literature Paper 8 Response to Literature Paper 8 (page two) Response to Literature Paper 8 (page three) Annotations for Response to Literature Paper 8 Ideas: Does Not Meet Standard The majority of this paper is a retelling of the story Space Brat. For response to literature papers , a brief plot summary may be appropriate, but/

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own research. Written mostly in 8rd person, past tense (what did, theorized and/or found,) From your outline, write the first draft of your Review of Related Literature It should… a)Each sub-topic is a new section of the body of the paper. Write your first sub-topic in italics. On the next line, introduce the sub-topic with the variable summary sentence. b)Support the/

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or other contradictions in existing arguments? 8. Introducing the Case Method and Doing Empirical Fieldwork Your method chapter The literature review can conclude into a brief summary of the most relevant literature (your theoretical anchoring of no more than a dozen key papers !) and close with a restatement of your research task or research question (already mentioned in the introduction.). Here you also define key concepts. Now/

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…. breathe - - Provide animation…but don’t make the audience dizzy Presentations Conclusion ? KISS 8. ( LITERATURE ) REVIEW ( Literature ) review Characteristics of a review : work from several sources is reported, rather than from one experiment or research programme Common in journals and conference proceedings, in university training In shorter form in Introduction of a paper In longer form in thesis Important requirement: critical: compare and contrast published findings Brings data/

PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP SERIES 8 o Literature review – a key part of proposals, theses, dissertations, and reports o Review paper – a published article that synthesizes the work that has been done on a particular topic. o Mini- literature review – an assignment that asks you to explore a restricted number of publications in answering a particular question. TYPES OF LITERATURE REVIEWS JSGS PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP SERIES 9 /

hypotheses for the proposed study 695 Writing the Research Paper Chapter 7: Literature Review A. History: Provide a review of the historical background B. Current Literature : Include a review of current relevant literature with the analysis of pros and cons C. Research Problem: Provide research questions 696 Writing the Research Paper Chapter 8: Methodology A. Research Questions and Hypotheses: Propose them based on literature review (major points) B. Research Design: * Quantitative research: Use/

how those significant, early studies complement, qualify, or contrast with the approach taken in your paper. While it is helpful to consult reviews of the literature most crucial to your subject (because they can guide your understanding of your own source base), it is essential to gain a firm understanding of the foundational studies that will contribute to the argument you make. Everything you discuss in/

I will not talk about the paper  selection process  (., what determines whether a paper is ultimately accepted or rejected), but will instead focus on the creation of a paper review.  Program committee meetings are an important part of the paper  selection  process—at least in computer science—and I will be devoting a complete post to this topic next week.  Meanwhile, I recommend reading  Matt Welsh 8767 s post on the psychology of program committees.

Learning how to review papers not only (obviously) makes you a better reviewer, but it can also help you as an author, since an understanding of the process can help you write your paper submissions for an audience of reviewers.  If you know the criteria that a reviewer will use to judge your paper, you are in a much better position to tailor your paper so that it has a higher chance of being accepted.

Ask in Evaluating Review Articles Have the reviewers clearly identified the topic of review ? Have the reviewers indicated its delimitations (time period, aspects of the problem, etc)? Have the reviewers written a cohesive essay that guides you through the lit from topic to topic? Have the reviewers interpreted the literature (as opposed to summarizing)? Did the reviewers make an important contribution? 7 Writing for Specific Purposes Term paper for class Plan/

Consider the type of feedback you would like to receive.   Receiving reviews for rejected papers is a part of the research process, but it is never fun for the authors (particularly new . students). Do your part to contribute positively to the process by suggesting changes that you 8767 d like to see if you had to review the paper again.  In all likelihood, you may see the paper again in the form of a revision!

you have been required, or have chosen, to address Some specific examples of the sort of methodology, results & analysis reported by individual researchers Analysing the literature Take notes as you read through each paper and the notes may include: purpose of the study reviewed synopsis of content research design or methods used in study brief review of findings Once notes complete, organise common themes together. Some people construct a/

new data). A stand-alone publication or as integral parts of master theses, doctoral theses or grant proposals, in the format of literature review. Here, we do not consider a ‘ paper review ’ or ‘book review ’. 9 What function does it play? to organize literature to evaluate literature to identify patterns and trends in the literature to synthesize literature to identify research gaps and recommend new research areas Therefore, potential audience could/

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